Why Us

who we are


AJ Fink
(Co-Owner of Keystone Homes)

AJ has been framing and building homes in Des Moines and Colorado since 1998. He was taught and mentored by his father, Alan Fink who has been building homes and framing as well for the past 35 years and is now assisting AJ with Keystone Homes. Together AJ and his father have over 60 plus years of experience. Keystone Homes is unique in that the owner is personally framing the home and can assist the homeowner with design and funtionability from the early stages through the completion of the home! We have numerous house plans to choose from or can assist you in designing a built to order custom home. We offer competitive prices, exceptional quality, and strive to create a timely and efficient building process.


Jocelyn Lippold Fink
(Co-Owner of Keystone Homes)

Jocelyn has been in both the home renovation business and a Realtor since 2001. She brings an interior design background to the business and works hand in hand with many of their clients to help design the home's interior features and assist with kitchen design, cabinetry, flooring, countertops, paint colors and more. Many of our previous homebuyer's have appreciated the interior design guidance with these difficult selections and felt this made their journey less stressful and more fun! Jocelyn is passionate about the homebuilding business and as a Realtor, can assist you in discovering your most important home-ownership needs!